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Being a chef is great, except when it’s not. Long hours in hot, cramped kitchens…it’s not as romantic as many people think. During my last restaurant gig I worked A LOT of hours. One day I realized that the only thing I really liked were the days where I handled tons of covers without screwing up. That’s weak validation for a 12+ hour day. Then I read the Sex and Cash Theory and it changed my life.

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A Chef Fulfilled

I’m done working traditional restaurants. I love fine dining, but something had to give. Now I do my cheffing for 40 hours a week. That leaves time for a full professional life and robust personal life. Here are a few of the great things on my dance card right now:

  • Family: I have a wife and daughter who both like seeing me more often than not. Hardly possible if I were still in a restaurant.
  • Writing: I’ve recently published my first book and I’m working on my second. Thanks to that I was recruited to be the beer writer for The Source Weekly.
  • Board Member: I’m an active member of the Cascade Culinary Institute advisory board. I even get to teach on occasion. I love teaching the next generation of chefs! Education is a beautiful thing.
  • Charity Dinners: I may not do fine dining everyday, but I still love preparing those meals. Last year I donated three private beer pairing dinners raising an average of $105 a person. The first dinner supported the National MS Society; the other two supported the same cancer survivor programs that helped my wife while she fought the Big C. I’ll be supporting both charities again this year.
  • Private Events: I’m often found co-hosting or attending craft beer events with my buddy Miles of exploringbeer.com. We organize style tastings, pairing events, bottle shares, and more. We both love evangelizing and teaching about beer and food so these events happen a few times each month.

All this stuff and I still get enough time for my favorite hobby: bike racing. What’s not to love about the Cheflife Reloaded? Join me and lets chase that illusive work-life balance together. Allez!

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