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How awesome is Fiverr?

Answer: You tell me. A few people I look up to have been giving shirts away to promote their products. Guy Kawasaki put APE shirts on tons of people … [Read More...]

One of my better headlines

This column was supposed to review a beer brewed for a charity, but it wasn’t finished in time to go to press. So instead, I took a personal direction. When Life Gives You Lemons

‘Merican Beer-B-Q

Q: Which beer is best for celebrating? A: ‘Merican Craft Beer. ‘Merican Beer-B-Q  

How to Bottle Share

I was an honorary guest at the Ale Apothecary bottle share. It was beer geek heaven! Sharing is Caring

How to Draw Great Stories from Simple Questions

Yesterday I had the pleasure of an afternoon beer fueled conversation with three very intelligent friends. It doesn’t get much better than wandering through stories with smart people and fine beer. But sometimes the great stories […]

Omming the Process by Omming Your Environment

This post is my first experience using Ommwriter. It was suggested on the Internet Business Mastery podcast as a way to eliminate distractions while writing. I downloaded it specifically to investigate what it was all […]